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Pheew, Happy New Year Peeps! It has been far FAR too long since our very last entry in July last year. But 2016 was a fabulous year and we actually accomplish quite a few things! Like the being listed on the 12 Most Glamorous Wedding Cakes of 2016 by Global Sugar Artist's Network along a bunch of incredibly talented Cake Designers from around the World! We were also published on several Magazines here and in the USA and this year we are planning many more interesting things! Will definitely be telling as they come online!

If you got engaged over Christmas or you are still looking for that fabulous Wedding Cake, why not have a look to our Website or better still follow Us over on Instagram for regular updates [ ] or better still contact Us ASAP to take advantage of the Offer below! We only have limited spaces this year!

So I leave you now, hopefully bringing soon many more News about , well, about Cakes! Fabulous beautiful Cakes!


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