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Always Smile because it happened!

It has been quite some time since my last entry here. On my defense I have been busy with everything. Running [or at least die trying] a Home based Cake Business takes a lot of planning and organizing. Logistics, Logistics,Logistics. Life and Logistics.

These days I have been reading so many interesting posts from fellow Cake Designers about various topics like Pricing, Style, Type of Business and all . All of them very valid for you as a Cake Designer outlet but also pertinent to Clients. It got me thinking and I remember someone I met at a Wedding Fayre and told me ' It is great that you have your very own style, don't sacrifice it for the sake of more business. At the end of the day, some people will like what you do and others won't and that is the way it works' It is also the difference between loving what you do and enjoy it and not. And to be fair, It couldn't have been farther away from the truth. All came back to me as I attended my last Wedding Show and I spoke to several potential Brides/Couples. It is not so much that they are looking for an Offer but you can tell who appreciates something well done and others who wants just a cheap deal and it has nothing to do with personal appearances. Nowadays I make myself more available and I do go out of my comfort zone for those couples that definitely show more enthusiasm! And I love to work with people I would love to have either as friends or colleagues, yes it is business and sometimes it just happens like that but if you can have fun along the way, why not?

There are many many good news in the pipeline too! Not only on the strictly Business side of thing but also on the Artistic one. So I will be shouting to the World when it is out there!!! We also had one fabulous review on one of our latest Wedding Cakes [and one of our favourites! ] and we have been having so many Cake Tastings that sometimes we cannot keep track of how many...most importantly, all these beautiful Cakes are germinating in my brain! and all will be stunning Cakes!

So if you need a beautiful unique Cake , do not hesitate to contact Us as soon as you know to check we are available! Your Cake should complement your Day but also should be a Centre Piece to wow every single guest!

Until next time!


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