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I changed career Title but not the hours...

First Blog post on my Webpage....12.40am. Looks like another late nite to me. I trained as an Architect and always when studying had late niters and then when working we would always work more than a fair share of extra time. Unpaid. That's how the Cookie crumbles...

Then I change career paths, still love Architecture but I love creating more and you can fill your hunger creating everywhere and I found Cakes. Not that I found them that late but I found I could do more with them, enjoy them , treat them as Art....and by chance and force jumped into it BUT the hours are still as before :) I can only laugh now.

Just starting the Year preparing for a Big Wedding Show in Birmingham's own Town Hall . Fingers crossed there are plenty of Enthusiastic, Adventurous, Experimental Beautiful Brides and Grooms that take an interest in my Cake Designs! Not that I wouldn't cater for a Clasical Bride but even Classics can be reworked and given a modern spin! Wouldn't you all agree?

Just a tiny preview of some things that are coming up for the Show...

You see...even a White Cake can be arresting!

Over and Out even if the Cake is still in the Oven!!!

Good Nite!

E [ from the deep corners of HAVE+SOME+CAKE HQ]

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