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"People Who Love To Eat, Are Always The Best People"

-Julia Child-


We want to Design Cakes that become the Centre of your Celebration. A special Cake, one to be remembered, to be talked about. To linger in your memory and your taste buds.


A Cake that reflects everything you want it to be. All your Likes, All your Desires, Your History.


At HAVE+SOME+CAKE , we aim to produce Unique and Different Cakes as well as Gorgeous and Scrumptious ones. We take inspiration from Architecture,Photography, Cinema, Paintings  , stepping out of convention and conveying and translating ideas into the decorative side of Cakes. We LOVE trying new Techniques and researching new ones, always trying to achieve something different an stylish. A Bespoked Designs JUST for you. Isn't that what Bespoke is all about?


We also specialised in French Macaroons , those little sweet Almond Meringue biscuits, Perfect to go on Dessert Tables, as Wedding Favours or just as the Main Cake


So take a few minutes ,enjoy our Gallery an write to Us or call Us a ring to find out how we can make your Dream Cake come true.




"Everything In Moderation, Including Moderation"

-Oscar Wilde-




Ready-To-Order Collection
email: | 07969144295 | Birmingham B67
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